A rare opportunity to diversify your estate

Dive into the extraordinary

In the heart of Heritage Bel Ombre, an exceptional 2,500 ha domain between sea and mountains, 11 villas will be sealing the “heart” of the Heritage Villas Valriche. The design was made together with the property manager VLH for an optimized layout of the villas so as to foster the well-being of the owners and meet the constraints of rental management.

A joint development between Fontanel & Mône and Heritage Villas Valriche

The combination of different expertise in real estate: a well-known French developer for more than 20 years in the Rhone Alpes region, and the expertise of the owner of the domain.

A French conception

The villas construction standards are the closest possible to French regulations, in terms of thermal and sound isolation as well as natural ventilation, reduction of rising humidity thanks to a crawl space, CMV in bathrooms, etc.

A 5* hotel approach

The design of the villas meets the expectations of a demanding luxury clientele in search of private villas: Independent back-kitchen allowing a chef to step in discreetly on demand, Zen garden, Panoramic terrace, heated Infinity pool, an autonomous suite with terrace and jacuzzi, outdoor showers and bathtub.

A design inspired by creole houses

Reconciling the finest of both worlds: France/Mauritius Island

A meticulous selection of French and Mauritian partners to optimise cross competencies. We comply with the requirements of l’Auxiliaire, the French builder insurer for more than 155 years which reinsures Mauritian Union in order to guarantee satisfactory execution of the works and to ensure that your investment is safe and secure.

A luxury of authentic life

313 m² of Indoor-outdoor lifestyle

Simple 4-bedroom villa

626 m² of Indoor-outdoor lifestyle

Double 8-bedroom villa