Heritage Nature Reserve

Your Garden of Eden

Overlooking the Bel Ombre estate, this natural sanctuary is an untamed and enchanting sight for young and old, who will marvel at the wonderful biodiversity of Mauritius.

The hills, grasslands, rivers and waterfalls, the infinite palette of greens and the intense blue of the lagoon of the South-West call for the harmony of body and mind. This 1,300-hectare nature reserve is a preserved and enchanting spot where you can discover the extraordinary biodiversity of Mauritius. It abounds in hidden treasures of the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the island to whet the appetite of nature lovers. You will encounter deer, wild boars, hares, monkeys and various species of endemic birds and plants in their natural habitat. This amazing site is just waiting to be discovered, appreciated and... protected !

Live in the heart of a Biosphere certified by the


You can explore the Nature Reserve at your whim: night safari, Discovery or Adventure trails, picnic, hike, 4x4, quad, buggy, mountain bike rides or trek.

The Nature Reserve has been awarded the Man & the Biosphere certification by UNESCO. This ambitious programme promotes harmonious interaction between people, the protection and valorisation of natural ecosystems in a sustainable and responsible way.

Our vision is in line with that of UNESCO, which is that of a world in which people are aware of their common future and their interactions with our planet, and work together in a responsible manner to build prosperous societies in harmony with the biosphere.

Amazing experiences

Enjoy amazing experiences in the heart of nature in Mauritius.


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