The acquisition process of plots

The acquisition process for an IRS property in Mauritius

The three steps required to purchase an IRS property in Mauritius

If you dream of a particularly mild tropical climate, in an English-speaking country known for its idyllic setting and laid-back lifestyle, investing in a real estate project in Mauritius might be the right choice. It just takes a few steps to get there. The Heritage Villas Valriche team of experts will guide you through the process to purchase your IRS property in the heart of the authentic Bel Ombre region.


Signing of a reservation agreement

Signing of the option to buy between the buyer and the IRS developer (the seller) with a deposit representing 30% of the net amount for the reservation of the land.

30 %


Economic Development Board

Approval by the Economic Development Board (EDB) of Mauritius of the application filed by the developer on the buyer’s behalf for the acquisition of the IRS property.


Signing of the deed of sale at a notary’s office

Signing of the deed of sale at a notary’s office in Mauritius after receiving the Letter of Approval from the EDB and meeting all eligibility criteria.

70 %

Terms of payment
The total purchase cost of the property for the buyer (as indicated in our price list) includes :