The Residence Permit

Access to the Mauritian residence permit

The acquisition of an IRS property with a minimum value of USD 375,000 entitles foreign buyers to a Mauritian residence permit.

Get a residence permit with your purchase !

Applicable conditions

In order to obtain a residence permit, you must meet a set of clearly established criteria that are available on the official website of the Economic Development Board of Mauritius.

The advantages of permanent residence

The advantages

*Conditions apply

Other options

For retirees from 50 years and above: The new Premium Visa

The Premium Visa is valid and renewable for one year. It applies to any non-citizen who intends to stay in Mauritius for a period of one year as a tourist, a pensioner or a professional who wishes to live in the country with his family and carry out his activity or work remotely from Mauritius.

Our expert’s opinion: The Premium Visa is a wise choice for property buyers who are waiting for their construction to be completed.

The retired permit

Mauritius, and especially the untamed region of Bel Ombre, is a prime retirement and lifestyle destination in the warm tropical sun. Learn more about the benefits and conditions of the retired permit.

The Retired Residence Permit allows an eligible non-citizen to live in Mauritius for up to ten years, and is renewable thereafter. Subject to the transfer of at least USD 1,500/month for 3 years or USD 18,000 (approximate EUR 15,000) into your account per year of the permit term.